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Name Description Added date Genres Listen
Radio Atlantis 312 Nostalgia Station of the 70s. Dutch and English programmes. Former offshore ststion. 11/25/14 9:05 PM oldies pop listen
BFBS Germany British Forces Broadcasting Service (AAC) 11/25/14 8:03 PM hits listen
CBN SP Rádio CBN de São Paulo - Brazil 11/25/14 7:44 PM talk listen
Rádio Globo SP Rádio Globo São Paulo - Brazil 11/25/14 7:41 PM adult contemporary talk listen
Radio Preporod Odzak Radio preporod Odzak Bosna i Hercegovina FM95.2 MHZ 11/25/14 4:21 PM pop listen
partydancefm Playmusic es una Radio que brinda asu audiencia lo mejor con conocimientos musicales y todo lo que pasa en el mundo de la musica 11/25/14 1:29 AM trance listen
Granada FM 100.1 Granada FM 100.1 11/25/14 12:53 AM world listen
Inferno Rock Radio Hungary 11/24/14 10:28 PM rock listen
CDBT Rock & Blues Radio Hungary 11/24/14 10:08 PM blues rock listen
Gong FM - Kecskemet FM 96.5 Gong FM Online Adas - Kecskemet FM 96.5 MHz Hungary 11/24/14 9:59 PM adult contemporary listen



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