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Name Description Added date Genres Listen
CDO Fontana Sun 13:00-15:00 PST Wen 19:00-21:00 PST 11/23/14 10:56 PM gospel listen
Radio nova Radio nova 11/23/14 10:52 PM world listen
Moscow FM 105.2 Cool music from Russia 11/23/14 8:26 PM adult contemporary listen
ROCKFILES.NL ROCKFILES.NL 110% rock radio!! 24/7 the best rock,metal,indie & alternative music!! 11/23/14 3:03 PM alternative classic rock indie metal punk rock listen
Franken 7 Wir lieben Franken - Wir lieben Event 11/23/14 1:08 PM talk listen
Oldies That Rock! The best oldies from the 50's to the 80's! 11/23/14 11:40 AM classic rock oldies listen
Radio Locale Guelma Radio Locale Guelma 11/23/14 10:00 AM world listen
RADIOGOGOF music to another dimension 11/23/14 9:33 AM classic rock dance disco house oldies pop rock listen
The E Channel Hits Playing All The Hits! 11/23/14 6:24 AM adult contemporary hip-hop pop listen / Athens, OH Athens, Ohio's Hit Music 24/7! 11/23/14 12:38 AM adult contemporary hits pop listen



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