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Name Description Added date Genres Listen
CARPEBARRADIO Stars and you! Discover C B R, all the music of the 80s, 90, 2000, titles, hits: US UK FR: POP ROCK DANCE and more still! 2/7/16 11:25 PM classic rock country dance disco electro hits oldies pop rock soft pop techno world listen
Radio Vocea Basarabiei music news talk 2/7/16 7:31 PM none listen
Pukaar Radio based In chesham serving the whole of Buckinghamshire and beyond. We provide a mix of Asian Bollywood music also having Regular live shows. We will be keeping our listeners up[...] 2/7/16 5:27 PM adult contemporary hits world listen
Variety Chart Playing you the best music from the year 2000 Right up to this weeks number 1 song. With Presenters who just love music, variety chart will bring you great entertainment al[...] 2/7/16 5:24 PM adult contemporary dance drum and bass eurodance hits pop soft pop listen
Variety Country Its new and playing great country music. 2/7/16 5:22 PM adult contemporary country listen
Variety 80s The decade that brought us Dallas and DeLorean, Madonna and MTV,and Cats,and the discovery of the Titanic, Rubik's Cube and Reykjavik, Band Aid, the fitness craze -- and so mu[...] 2/7/16 5:17 PM adult contemporary oldies pop listen
Variety Indie radio Great new music now online 24 hours a dayat 2/7/16 5:16 PM alternative indie rock listen
Variety Lovesongs Variety Lovesongs radio brings you the best feel good lovesongs. During our live shows we aim to please with requests, we also add our own unique touch to each and every show,[...] 2/7/16 5:13 PM adult contemporary hits oldies soft pop listen
Variety Online Radio Variety Online Radio brings you the best feel-good hits of the past five decades, plus many of your requests. With presenters who just love music, Variety Online Radio will [...] 2/7/16 5:11 PM adult contemporary disco hits oldies soft pop listen
Variety Oldies Music Playing the best oldies from the 60s to the 90s all day and night.With great live djs. 2/7/16 5:10 PM adult contemporary oldies pop soft pop listen



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