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Name Description Added date Genres Listen
PopSchlager Discofox and German Schlager 10/31/14 8:58 AM dance disco pop listen
FM1047 (MP3) Station aus Australien 10/31/14 8:43 AM adult contemporary listen
Capital-London Englische Station wahrscheinlich Erinnerung an ehemaligen Seesender 10/31/14 8:34 AM adult contemporary hits pop listen
dein fm OWL Jugendprogramm aus Oberhausen 10/31/14 6:39 AM hits pop listen
Blues Fox Radio Ladies and Gentlemen Place a rocking chair in a romantic corner, and enjoy fine music at reasonable volumes, holding a drink soft drinks or whatever else you want. 10/30/14 11:12 PM blues classic rock garage punk soul listen
Garage71 Garage 71 Radio Station geared to all ‘motorheads’ alike. This station covers all your favorites from Rockabilly to wrench bending Garage Rock. Tune in to our feature shows in[...] 10/30/14 3:38 PM alternative classic rock garage metal punk rock ska listen
FLEX FM LONDON The Worlds No.1 Electronic Dance Music Radio Station 10/30/14 12:56 PM adult contemporary alternative breakbeat dance deep house drum and bass dub electro garage hardcore house urban listen
test tete 10/30/14 10:41 AM world listen
R&B Musik Officework Background Music 10/30/14 8:02 AM r&b listen
The Black cactus Barbed-wire on your radio 10/30/14 3:53 AM dance rock world listen



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