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Name Description Added date Genres Listen
DFM Barnaul DFM radio Barnaul 6/25/16 5:09 PM deep house listen
iskatel Radio Iskatel Barnaul 6/25/16 5:04 PM dance listen
Russkoe Radio Russkoe radio Barnaul 6/25/16 5:03 PM dance listen
Sport SportFM Barnaul 6/25/16 5:01 PM sport listen
Retro RetroFM Barnaul 6/25/16 5:00 PM oldies listen
Mir Radio Mir Barnaul 6/25/16 4:59 PM oldies listen
Humor HumorFM Barnaul 6/25/16 4:57 PM lounge listen
Shanson Shanson radio Barnaul 6/25/16 4:54 PM garage listen
Katun FM altay radio 6/25/16 4:43 PM disco listen
cool--joe-radio Rock , Blues Hard 6/25/16 3:14 PM r&b rock listen



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