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Name Description Added date Genres Listen
Absolute Radio2 Plays a wealth of rock music and other goodies (was Virgin Radio UK) 8/17/13 12:57 AM pop listen
Absolute Radio - 00s Absolute Radio 00s is a new radio station playing the best music of the last decade. 8/17/13 12:58 AM pop listen
Absolute Radio - 60s The UK's only 60s radio station. 8/17/13 12:58 AM oldies listen
Absolute Radio - 80s The UK's only 80s radio station. 8/17/13 12:59 AM oldies listen
Absolute Radio - 90's Non-stop music from the 1990s. 8/17/13 12:59 AM oldies listen
Absolute-Classic Rock Wailing guitar solos and legendary rock anthems from men with big hair 8/17/13 12:59 AM classical listen
Affinity Radio Music from the 60's, 70's & 80's 8/17/13 1:00 AM oldies listen
Anarchy & Angels 70's & 80's Station. From late 1970's UK classic punk through to late 80's Alternative and New Wave. 8/17/13 1:00 AM punk listen
BBC Radio 4 (LW) Concentrating on news, politics, drama, and discussion 8/17/13 1:01 AM talk listen
Manx Radio AM Isle of Man 8/17/13 1:04 AM adult contemporary listen



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