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Name Description Added date Genres Listen
Reign Reign - Christian Rock & Metal Radio 6/27/11 3:43 AM alternative listen
REKA-Israel immigrants net. Kol Israel - mainly for new immigrants. Languages other than Hebrew or Arabic. Mostly news. 8/14/13 11:44 AM none listen
REL Lokalfunk f├╝r Gelsenkirchen/Gladbeck/Bottrop - Schalke-Live├╝bertragungen! 3/29/10 4:55 PM adult contemporary listen
Relax Relax de Kope 3/20/12 6:50 PM world listen
Relaxation - SKY.FM relaxing music for the mind and soul 4/19/12 9:02 PM soul listen
Relax Channel clubfm, relaxing music 7/1/09 2:38 AM ambient listen
Relaxeradio Webradio 6/24/13 10:49 PM adult contemporary listen
Relaxe Radio Wir senden rund um die Uhr Rock, POP, Oldies, Schlager.. 8/16/13 12:55 AM adult contemporary listen
RelaxFM 8/14/13 9:34 PM adult contemporary listen
Relax FM Moscow Easy Listening 8/15/13 6:31 AM none listen



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