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Name Description Added date Genres Listen
Radio Exito 1060 AM Lima Radio Exito 1060 AM Lima 4/29/16 12:38 PM world listen
Santa Rosa 1500 AM Lima Santa Rosa 1500 AM Lima 4/29/16 12:39 PM world listen
TELESTEREO.COM TELESTEREO.COM 4/29/16 12:41 PM world listen
Nuevo Tiempo 1380 AM Lima Nuevo Tiempo 1380 AM Lima 4/29/16 12:42 PM world listen
METROPOLITANA RADIO 1040 kHz Metropolitana Radio Peruana 1040 AM 4/29/16 12:44 PM world listen
WebRadio Underground 80s San Francisco - USA 4/29/16 3:36 PM oldies pop rock synthpop listen
Splash 105.5 FM Splash 105.5 FM 4/29/16 5:43 PM world listen
60s Rock & Roll Rock 4/29/16 6:05 PM hits listen
fabulous60s 60s 4/29/16 6:08 PM none listen
Radio Merkurs 1485 kHz AM Litauische Station 4/29/16 7:08 PM adult contemporary listen



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