2SER 107.3 FM - Sydney, AU

created: 10/14/15 10:56 AM | by Paddygrizzly

2SER is a community radio station in Sydney, Australia, producing a wide range of talk and specialist music programming aimed at servicing the needs and interests of the members of the wider Sydney community regardless of age, ethnic or socio-economic background.

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genres: alternative blues country electro freeform funk garage hardcore hip-hop indie jazz punk rock soul talk world 

WHRW 90.5 FM Binghamton, NY

created: 10/14/15 10:39 AM | by Paddygrizzly

WHRW — Binghamton's One and Only Free Format Radio

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genres: alternative blues classic rock country dub electro freeform funk garage hardcore hip-hop indie metal punk reggae rock ska soul synthpop world 

2RDJ 88.1 FM Burwood, Sydney

created: 10/14/15 9:53 AM | by Paddygrizzly

Listener supported Community radio station in Burwood, Sydney, Australia.

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genres: blues classic rock freeform funk hip-hop jazz metal pop r&b reggae rock soul talk world 

Radio B138 - Kremstal/Linz, OE

created: 10/14/15 9:31 AM | by Paddygrizzly

Radio B138 ist ein Freies Radio aus Kirchdorf, Krems in Oesterreich.

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genres: alternative ambient blues classic rock country electro freeform funk garage hip-hop indie jazz lounge pop punk reggae rock ska soul synthpop talk world 

KUPS FM 90.1 The Sound,Tacoma

created: 10/14/15 8:21 AM | by Paddygrizzly

KUPS (90.1 FM) is a non-commercial college radio station in Tacoma, Washington

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genres: alternative ambient blues country dub electro freeform funk garage hardcore hip-hop indie jazz metal punk reggae rock ska soul synthpop talk world 

RTR FM 92.1 Perth, Australia

created: 10/14/15 8:01 AM | by Paddygrizzly

RTR FM is The Sound Alternative in Perth, Western Australia, an independent, non-profit community radio station that provides an alternative voice for Perth through innovative music and talks programming. RTRFM provides a platform for local news and issues, with a strong focus on the arts, culture, social justice, politics and the environment, local music and supports musical diversity through 50+ specialist music programs and a huge program of events.

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genres: alternative ambient blues country dance dub electro freeform funk garage hardcore hip-hop indie jazz metal pop punk rap reggae rock ska soul synthpop talk world 

Telemedellin Radio

created: 10/13/15 12:25 AM

We are a local public content platform focused on the continued promotion of citizen participation. Exploring related media with new technologies is one of our commitments. Thus was born Telemedellín Radio.
New season with Jaime Moreno
Jaime Moreno is the director of Radio Telemedellín, the virtual radio channel that is tuned through, iTunes, Nobex TuneIn platforms and mobile devices or by downloading the application from the App Store and Play store.
Radio Telemedellín was a year to air and keeps playing in this 2015 with new content and programming, not just musical as fever Thursday night (music disc), Wave Music (Hits the moment) or Electro TM (Electronics and its derivatives ) but also for dialogue, reflection and discussion as programs: We must talk, directed and conducted by Luis Alirio Street, Living Art (Cultural Scene) Coffee SM (technology, social networks and trends) and Barbas Air (Entertainment).
This new phase of our network wants to make your slogan here you listen! a palpable fact for our listeners, so we opened the microphones from Monday to Friday between 11:00 am, 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm to call to 313 22 48 to order your favorite songs, complaining, pleading, express , tell their stories, secrets, feelings, etc.
In addition, different exclusive programs we broadcast our channel as Telemedellín Cup, The Viejoteca and News Telemedellín.
More voices, more pluralism, more sounds of city and participation, this is Telemedellín Radio Here you listen!

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genres: adult contemporary alternative classic rock dance disco funk oldies soul talk urban world 

NearFM Radio Dublin 90.3

created: 10/12/15 1:33 AM

Near fm is an BAI licensed, communally owned, not-for-profit project. It is operated by a democratic co-operative, open to all organisations and individuals in Dublin North-East.

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genres: adult contemporary alternative ambient blues classic rock country dance dancehall reggae electro freeform funk garage hip-hop house jazz latin metal oldies ragtime reggae ska soul sport talk trance world 

Dublin City FM 103.2 MHz

created: 10/11/15 11:50 PM

103.2 Dublin City fm aims to provide a special interest radio service which stimulates, informs and entertains listeners in the greater Dublin area. Our strong blend of talk and music based programming reflects a broad base of Dubliner’s concerns, interests and opinions. Programme themes and materials are sourced from local communities, special interest groups, local authorities and to a limited extent, national and international public service broadcasters, who reflect our core values and ethics.

103.2 Dublin City fm seeks to engage as broad an audience as possible. This includes some specific groups who are largely ignored by other commercial radio stations, for whom we can provide a meaningful and relevant service. These include Community Groups and Ethnic Groups, Schoolchildren, Historians, and Hobbyists, Niche Music Enthusiasts, Women’s Groups, Dublin Sport Enthusiasts and Senior Listeners.

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genres: adult contemporary blues classical classic rock country dance funk garage hip-hop indie jazz metal oldies rock soft pop soul sport talk world 

KTEQ FM 91.3 Rapid City, SD

created: 10/11/15 10:35 PM

KTEQ is a student-run, non-profit radio station on the campus of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City, SD.

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genres: alternative blues country dancehall reggae electro freeform funk garage hip-hop indie jazz metal pop rap rock ska soul synthpop talk world 

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