Frequently Asked Questions

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Using the service

How can I listen to all these radio stations?
How to listen on my mobile phone?
Why can't I listen on my phone to stations on
How can I add radio stations to "My Stations"?
Can I change the bitrate of the mobile streams?
Why have some of my saved stations disappeared?
When I log in on my phone I only see "add" and "remove" links and no way to start playing a station.
I've forgotten my password and/or username
Why do some stations have a good sound quality and others a poor sound quality?

Adding new stations to the database

How can I search the database for my favorite radio station?
How can I add a new radio station?
How do I extract a stream from my media player?
Why do I get "This is not a valid streaming URL!" when I try to add a station?
I'm running my own streaming server. Can I use that stream?
Why can't I listen to radio stations from Clear Channel?
Why have some of the station I added to the database disappeared?

About the service

Why do I have to subscribe to the service?
Is the service free?
Is additional software needed to play the stations?
What phones are supported by Yourmuze.FM?
Is Yourmuze.FM available everywhere in the world?

About Yourmuze

Does Yourmuze provide private streaming services for radio stations?
Is Yourmuze.FM the same as Moodio?
I have a question that's not listed.



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